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      If you want to use the forums, you have to be registered and logged in. To be able to register, send an email to with your request.

      To post a Topic once you are registered, just click on any forum and topic and you will be presented with a “Create New Topic in “…””

      The forum has the following features or capabilities (when you are logged in):

      You can keep a log of an edited topic by ticking the “Keep a log of this edit:” option.

      Discussion forum participants can “favorite” any topic. These topics are available later for review from the participant’s forum profile. Additionally a custom RSS feed is available allowing participants to stay up to date on topics that are important to them.

      Forum participants can elect to subscribe to a forum or topic. They will be notified when a new topic is created in a subscribed forum or a new reply is posted to a subscribed topic. Subscribed forums and topics will appear on their forum user profile.

      You can do a forum wide search allowing you to search for forums, topics and replies within your forum.

      Post Formatting
      There is a toolbar & buttons (see above this box) to the textarea to help with HTML formatting, the defaults are ‘b’ (bold), ‘i’ (italic/emphasis), ‘link’ (URL Hyperlink), ‘del’ (strikethough), ‘img’ (Link an image via URL), ‘ul’ (Unordered List), ‘ol’ (Ordered List), ‘li’ (List Item), ‘code’ (HTML/PHP/SQL Code for preformatted text) & ‘close tags’ (Closes any unclosed tags).

      Auto-embed Links
      You can embed links from YouTube, Twitter, and others by simply pasting a link into your topic or reply.

      Reply Threading
      This allows you to reply to specific replies, providing context to the discussion in a ‘threaded’ view. This will also remove topic pagination so the topic and all replies will only be a single page.

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