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    Each country website will have their own discussion forums. However, the main IMI site (the one you are currently visiting) is the main “hub” as well as the USA site. Since this is where the International Institute is located, it makes sense that this is the main site as well.

    If you want to use the forums, you have to be registered and logged in. To be able to register, send an email to with your request.

    To post a Topic once you are registered, just click on any forum and topic and you will be presented with a “Create New Topic in “…””

    The forum has the following features or capabilities (when you are logged in):

    You can keep a log of an edited topic by ticking the “Keep a log of this edit:” option.

    Discussion forum participants can “favorite” any topic. These topics are available later for review from the participant’s forum profile. Additionally a custom RSS feed is available allowing participants to stay up to date on topics that are important to them.

    Forum participants can elect to subscribe to a forum or topic. They will be notified when a new topic is created in a subscribed forum or a new reply is posted to a subscribed topic. Subscribed forums and topics will appear on their forum user profile.

    You can do a forum wide search allowing you to search for forums, topics and replies within your forum.

    Post Formatting
    There is a toolbar & buttons (see above this box) to the textarea to help with HTML formatting, the defaults are ‘b’ (bold), ‘i’ (italic/emphasis), ‘link’ (URL Hyperlink), ‘del’ (strikethough), ‘img’ (Link an image via URL), ‘ul’ (Unordered List), ‘ol’ (Ordered List), ‘li’ (List Item), ‘code’ (HTML/PHP/SQL Code for preformatted text) & ‘close tags’ (Closes any unclosed tags).

    Auto-embed Links
    You can embed links from YouTube, Twitter, and others by simply pasting a link into your topic or reply.

    Reply Threading
    This allows you to reply to specific replies, providing context to the discussion in a ‘threaded’ view. This will also remove topic pagination so the topic and all replies will only be a single page.

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