The International Masterson Institute is issuing this advisory notice based on information we have received which indicates that there have been instances of mental health professionals claiming to be certified Masterson therapists who have not undergone our three-year postgraduate training, and are therefore not considered qualified by our organization to deem themselves Masterson trained therapists, teachers, or supervisors. If you are interested in finding a fully-trained and certified Masterson Approach therapist, we recommend you choose one from the list on the website:

The list includes everyone qualified since 2009 through the International Masterson Institute. Clinicians qualified before 2009 may not be listed. If you engage with a therapist who claims to be a Masterson trained therapist who is not on the list, we suggest you ask if they went through the three-year postgraduate training program and what year they were certified, and then check with us. We are putting out this advisory notice because we want you to have the most authentic and expertly administered Masterson Approach therapeutic, or training, experience possible.

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